Alfred Mountain Fowler

Borough engineer
Place of Birth
  •  Born                 1837 at Leeds
  • Marriage (1)       Jan-March 1857 Mary Rebecca Senior at Bradford
  • Marriage (2)       April-June 1900 Jannette Rosana Cowan at St George Hanover Square, London
  • Died                  1 June 1914 Hendersyde, Asco
  • Burial                Willow Grove Cemetery, Reddish, Stockport

 Alfred Mountain Fowler was the youngest son of Charles Fowler, engineer and architect of Leeds. His maternal grandfather, William Mountain of London, was the owner of the Rockingham Coach carrying the mail between Leads and London. Alfred and his two brothers, Charles and Henry, were all trained in their father's office, Alfred as a civil engineer.

In his youth he acted as assistant to Thomas Waring on the Cardiff Waterworks scheme in 1856-1857. About 1861 he became Assistant Borough Surveyor of Leeds and held the post for six years while at the same time in practice as an engineer on his own account at 33 Grafton Streets Leeds.  In 1867 he-was appointed Borough Engineer and Surveyor of Leads and in 1868 he was listed, in street directories under engineers but his address was given as Borough Surveyor's offices Town Hall Leeds, He left his, position in Leeds in 1872 to move to Salford to take up a similar appointment. This he resigned in August 1877, consequent upon his appointment as Borough Surveyor at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He left public office and commenced private practice as a consulting engineer in Manchester in September 1882. In 1869 he was elected associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers becoming a full member in 1875. He was later a Fellow of the Sanitary Institute and President of the Association of Municipal and County Engineers. Alfred became involved in the debate over the desirability of back-to-back housing compared with other forms of homes for the working classes at the Association of Municipal and County Engineers meeting held at Brighton in June 1896. He represented Manchester as a town but spoke in favour of the back-to-backs built in Leeds and against multi-storey flats or tenements which he likened to barracks.

Alfred Mountain Fowler married in January-March 1857 Mary Rebecca Senior at Bradford. (She died on 14 May 1890, aged 52 and was buried at Willow Grove Cemetery, Reddish, Stockport). They had together five children, namely: Laura Caroline Fowler (born Cardiff, christened 22 November 1857, married William Lushman at Newcastle 1880) Annie Mary Fowler   born 1860 at Leeds. Alfred M. Fowler, junior (qv) born Leeds, Civil Engineer Etc (Pupil)   Maud Catherine Fowler   born 1870 at Leeds, Henry Chaplin Fowler   Baptism: 30 June 1875 at St Luke, Weaste, Salford.

In 1900 he married Jannette Rosina Cowan in London (she died 16 November 1905). Born in Ipswich, she was 28 years old at the time of her marriage; he was 64. By accident or design his age in the 1901 census is given as 56. He died on 1 June 1914 at Hendersyde, Ascot and was interred at Willow Grove Cemetery, Reddish.

1877-1878     Alfred M Fowler. Borough Surveyor Town Hall Salford
1883             Alfred M Fowler, civil engineer, surveyor, architect. 28 Brazennose Street M/c
1886             Alfred M Fowler, MICE civil engineer, surveyor, architect, valuer. 1 St Peter,s Square
1903             Alfred M Fowler, civil engineer. 1 St Peters Square Manchester
1909             Alfred M Fowler, civil engineer. 1 St Peters Square Manchester
1897             Alfred M Fowler 35 Old Queen Street, Westminster

1860-1861    Alfred M Fowler AJCE Cumberland Road, Headingly near Leeds. (Leeds Litt and Phil members)
1876            Alfred M Fowler, surveyor, Lower Seedley, (Pendleton Salford)
1877-1878    Alfred M Fowler, borough surveyor, Mode Wheel House, Weaste, (Salford)
1881            Alfred M Fowler 1 Tankerville Terrace,  Jesmond, Northumberland (Census)
1883            Alfred M Fowler 21 Seedley Villas Seedley Road Pendleton
1886            Alfred M Fowler 98 Clyde Road Didsbury
1903            Alfred M Fowler, 2 Woodlands, Daisy Bank Road, Victoria Park, Rusholme
1914            Alfred M Fowler,  Hendersyde, Ascot

Buildings and Designs

Building Name District Town/City County Country
Main Trunk Sewer Salford   Salford  GMCA  England
Sewage System Salford   Salford  GMCA  England
Alterations Salford Town Hall   Salford  GMCA  England
Improvements; Cattle Market Salford   Salford  GMCA  England
Bowls Keeper’s House and Bowls Store Peel Park Salford   Salford  GMCA  England
Police Station Miller Street Salford   Salford  GMCA  England
Stabling etc Pendleton Town Hall Pendleton  Salford  GMCA  England
Alterations Mechanics Institute Pendleton to form Free Library Pendleton  Salford  GMCA  England
Lodge Seedley Park Seedley  Salford  GMCA  England
Alterations: Wilton House Cross Lane Salford   Salford  GMCA  England
Wall and ornamental gate at the County Court Encombe Place Salford.   Salford  GMCA  England
Reservoir Seedley Salford Seedley  Salford  GMCA  England
Police Station Great Cheetham Street Broughton Higher Broughton  Salford  GMCA  England
Old Trafford Road Bridge: Throstle Nest Old Trafford Ordsall  Salford  GMCA  England
Wallness Road Bridge Lower Broughton  Salford  GMCA  England
Former Fish Market (now Neptune House) Newcastle   Newcastle-upon-Tyne  Tyne and Wear  England
Tramway Newcastle-upon-Tyne   Newcastle-upon-Tyne  Tyne and Wear  England
Barnespool Bridge High Street Eton   Eton  Berkshire  England
Alterations to Police Cells Court House Stockport   Stockport  GMCA  England
Brick Bridge over River Mersey Stockport   Stockport  GMCA  England
Drainage Works Helmsley   Helmsley  Yorkshire  England
Central Library Newcastle   Newcastle-upon-Tyne  Tyne and Wear  England