George Webster

Place of Birth


  • Birth date            3 May 1797 at Kendal, Westmorland, England
  • Marriage              1827 to Eleanor Lowrey
  • Death date          16 April 1864 (aged 66) 1864 at Eller How, Lindale, Lancashire, England
  • Burial                    Lindale churchyard.


 George Webster was born in Kendal, Westmorland, on 3 May 1797, the second of the three sons and third of the seven children of Francis Webster (1767–1827), mason, builder, and architect of Kendal, and his first wife, Janet (1771–1805), daughter of George Slater, yeoman of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland.




In 1845 he took his assistant of many years, Miles Thompson, into partnership, retiring in 1846, after which Miles Thompson worked on his own account under the style Thompson and Webber..




Like his father before him he served as mayor of Kendal in 1829-1830.  From 1836 he visited Italy on more than one occasion, but these travels appear to have been prompted more by recreational than professional pursuits—he made a collection of Roman coins, medals, and other antiquities—and perhaps also by the state of his health.


Webster married Eleanor Lowrey, daughter of George Lowrey of Ulverston, in 1827 with whom he had one son and four daughters, one of whom died young. Webster died at his home, Eller How, in Lindale, Lancashire, on 16 April 1864 leaving an estate of "under £25,000"