Richard Glazier

Head of Manchester School of Art
Place of Birth
March, Cambridgeshire

  • Born                      April-June 1851 at March Cambridgeshire.
  • Married                1876 Eleanor Ormrod at Rochdale.
  • Died                       30 March 1918 at Ingleton.
  • Burial                     Urmston Cemetery

Richard Glazier passed the qualifying examination and was elected Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architectsin 1892, but never entered into professional practice. He was and remained a teacher of art and sought to personally match the qualification sought by his students. In 1907 he became an Associate of the Manchester Society of Architects. Following his sudden death on 30 March 1918 while on holiday at Beezley Farm, Ingleton, the Manchester Guardian published his obituary as follows:

Mr Richard Glazier, whose death on Saturday while on holiday at Ingleton we record with regret, had been head master of the Manchester Municipal School of Art for 26 years. He was 66 years of age. In his earlier years as an art teacher he was master at the Rochdale Technical School, which he left to become art master at the Manchester Technical School. In 1892 when that department was amalgamated with the Manchester School of Art, ha was appointed head master. He was no narrow formalist in his views of the function of a school of art. Though he did much water-colour sketching and painting, his strong side was the application of design to industry, a phase of the school's work of great importance in a city such as Manchester, and the high place the institution holds is due in no small measure to him. Mr. Glazier's unfailing helpfulness and sympathy bound him by warm ties of affection to a long succession of students. He was the author of a "Manual of Historic Ornament," and at the time of his death had in preparation a work on textile design. Glazier was an honorary associate of the Royal College of Art and an associate of the Institute of British Architects. Among the many Committees on which he served were those of the Manchester Royal Institution, Northern Art Worker' Guild, and the Design and Industry Association. [Manchester Guardian 4, April 1918 page 8]

1909        R Glazier ARIBA AMSA School of Art Cavendish Street All Saints

1891-1918  Grafton House, Church Road, Urmston

Death Notice    Manchester Guardian 3 April 1918
Obituary          Manchester Guardian 4, April 1918 page 8