Building Name

Addition to Hydropathic Establishment Buxton (Architectural Competition).


BUXTON HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT – We are informed that the designs for the additions to the Buxton Hydropathic Establishment and Winter Residence, submitted in competition by Mr William Dawes, architect, Manchester, have been accepted, and that the first premium has been awarded to him. [Builder 15 December 1888 page 433]

“THE HYDRO” BUXTON - As stated last week, the first premium was awarded to Mr. Dawes, Messrs W. Sugden A Son obtained the second, and Mr. G. Statham, Matlock and Nottingham, the third. It is expected the first-named design will be carried out with modifications. In all, twenty-two sets of plans were sent in. [[Builder 22 December 1888 page 454]

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Reference    Builder LV 22 December 1888 page 454
Reference    Harper ( gives winner as William Davies).
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