Building Name

Baptist Chapel King Street Oldham

King Street
GMCA, England
New Build

NEW BAPTIST CHAPEL AT OLDHAM —The Baptist church and congregation worshipping in Manchester-street, Oldham, under the pastoral care of the Revs. John Birt and J. W. Ashworth, are about to erect a new chapel in King-street. Several architects were invited to submit designs in competition, and the committee have selected the design of Mr. H. J. Paull, of Burnley, who was the architect for the new college at Rawdon. The chapel will be in brick, with stone dressings, and tile front will face Union-street. It is designed to accommodate 1,000 persons, and the works are to be commenced forthwith. [Builder 17 March 1860 page 176]

COMPETITION AWARDED. The committee have selected the design of Mr H J Paull of Burnley for the new Baptist Chapel at Oldham [Building News 16 March 1860 page 215]

OLDHAM.  - For the erection of the new Baptist chapel, Oldham. Parties desirous of submitting tenders are requested to furnish their addresses to the architect, H. J. Paul, Esq, Burnley, on or before Monday the 30th instant, and bills of quantities will be forwarded to them free of charge. No application will be attended to after that date. Tenders for the whole of the works or for each trade separately, will be received. Drawings, specifications, and conditions of contract will lie for inspection on Friday the 4th of May, and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in the following week. In the schoolroom, George‑street, Oldham, from nine to twelve in the morning, and from two to five o'clock in the afternoon. Tenders addressed to Mr W. Mason, Yorkshire Street, Oldham, to May 10. [Building News 27 April 1860 page 347]

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