Henry John Paull

Place of Birth

  • Birth date            13 March 1831 at Worcester
  • Baptism                7 December 1831 at Angel Street Congregational Church Worcester
  • Marriage              1857 to Eleanor Bywater the only daughter of James Sargeant, of Leicester
  • Died                       Oct-Dec 1888 at London

In 1848 Henry John Paull was articled to Hamilton and Medland, of Gloucester, and at the termination of articles he acted as clerk of works during the erection a temperance hall and hotel at Leicester, thereby gaining much valuable practical experience. In 1854 he became chief assistant to Samuel Sanders Teulon, and in January, 1856, commenced practice on his own account in London, removing in the following November to Cardiff. Here he remained for three years, rapidly establishing a thriving practice an entering into numerous competitions, in many of which he was successful, one of the early works being Rawdon Theological College, near Bradford. However, H J Paull was never easy. He rarely remained in one place for more than a few years and entered into a succession of relatively short-lived partnerships.

In 1860 H J Paull left Cardiff for Burnley, Lancashire, where he entered into partnership with Oliver Ayliffe. Paull and Ayliffe moved to Manchester in 1862, the partnership and Ayliffe’s career ending in July 1866. Next in 1867 H J Paull took as a partner George Thomas (Metz) Robinson (c.1827 -1897) of Wolverhampton, Manchester and London. Like Paull, Robinson had been a pupil of Hamilton and Medland in Gloucester. Together they carried out a very large number of churches, chapels, schools, and cemetery chapels. Two of the principal clients of the firm were Sir John Crossley, for whom the Crossley Orphanage was built, and Hugh Mason. Other important works of this kind were the Union Bank, Huddersfield; Albion Chapel and Schools and Oxford Works, Ashton-under-Lyne; Congregational Chapels at Stratford-on-Avon, Tenby, and the Shewell Memorial Chapel, Plymouth. This partnership effectively ended when the editor of the Manchester Guardian promoted G T Robinson from art critic to war correspondent to report the siege of Metz although it was not was formally dissolved until 1872.

in May 1873 G T Robinson was succeeded by Alfred Bickerdike, who maintained a branch office in London. Paull remained in Manchester until 1876 when he too moved to London. One of the principal works of this period was Christ Church, Westminster Bridge Road, erected for the Rev.  Newman Hall's congregation. The partnership with Alfred Bickerdike was dissolved in 1877, and two years later H J Paull was joined by Alfred Augustus Bonella. Their works together included Romsey Abbey Congregational Church; the High School for Boys, Plymouth, still under construction at the time of Paull’s death; Islington Congregational Chapel, Baptist Chapels at Woodberry Down, South Norwood, and Highgate; and the reconstruction of South Lodge, Regent's Park, for Mr C. J, Waller. During his career H J. Paull carried out numerous Nonconformist churches, chapels, and schools, all being in English or French  phases of Fourteenth Century Gothic ; but in his later works he adopted a Late Tudor treatment for domestic work. An accomplished draughtsman, his chief forte lay, perhaps, in his skilful planning,

He was elected a Fellow of the RIBA on 28 January 1867, proposed by E. Salomons, J. P. Seddon & G. T. Robinson. However, he rarely took part in its proceedings or in meetings, precluded by his affliction of deafness.

Paull Died in late 1888 after an illness of sixteen months. It was an event perhaps hastened by his financial difficulties and the bankruptcy proceeding commenced in the August of that year. He had married in 1857 Eleanor Bywater the only daughter of James Sargeant, of Leicester, who survived him, and by whom he left two daughters Eleanor Kate and Ethel, and one son, Alan Paull FSI by whom the practice was continued in conjunction with  AA Bonella, as Bonella and Paull.

1848    Gloucester
1853    Leicester
1854    London (S S Teulon)
1856    10 Adam Street, Adelphi London (The Royal Academy Exhibitors)
1856    H J Paull 72 Crockherbtown Cardiff (Bristol Mercury 6 December 1856)
1858    H. J. Paull, 3, St. Mary Street, Cardiff
1861    Henry John, Paull architect. 5 Market Street Burnley
1863    Paull & Ayliffe India Buildings Cross Street, Manchester
1865    Paull & Ayliffe India Buildings 20 Cross Street
1868    Paull & Robinson, 1, St Peter's Square (Slater)
1873    Paull & Bickerdike   24, Cecil Street, London and St Peters Square Manchester (Royal Academy Exhibitors)
1875    Paull & Bickerdike 10 Adam Street, Strand (Royal Academy Exhibitors)
1875    Henry J Paull FRIBA MSA 1 St Peter's Square Manchester (Slater)
1876    Henry J Paull FRIBA MSA 1 St Peter's Square Manchester (Slater)
1877    Henry John Paull, 9 Montague Street, Russell Square, London and Manchester
1879    Paull & Bonella 9 Montague Street, Russel Square London
1881    Paull & Bonella 9 Montague Street,
1883    Paull & Bonella. Chancery Lane, London and St Peters Square Manchester (Manchester Guardian 31 October 1883 Page 6 Col 4.)
1888    Paull & Bonella Architects 6 Quality Court, Chancery Lane London  (London Gazette)

1851    Henry John Paull, Worcester Street, Gloucester (census)
1865    Henry John Paull, architect (Paull & Ayliffe) 2 Thornfield Grove Oxford Street
1868    Henry John Paull architect.  2 Thornfield Grove Oxford Street Chorlton on Medlock
1871    Henry John Paull FRIBA  Residence. "Glenbrook", Wilsmlow
1876    Henry John Paull FRIBA  Residence. “Glenbrooke” Fulshaw Wilmslow
1881    Henry John Paull FRIBA9 Montague Street London
1886    Henry J Paull, 89 Burghley Road Kentish Town (London Gazette)
1888    Henry J Paull, 89 Burghley Road Kentish Town (London Gazette)

Buildings and Designs

Building Name District Town/City County Country
Proposed Congregational Church - no location       England
Villa at Canton near Cardiff Canton  Cardiff  South Glamorgan  Wales
Brecon Cemetery. Chapels Lodge and Entrance Gates   Brecon  Powys  Wales
Synagogue East Terrace Cardiff   Cardiff  South Glamorgan  Wales
Baptist College: Rawdon near Bradford Rawdon  Bradford  Yorkshire  England
Taff Vale Railway Offices Crockherbtown Cardiff Crockherbtown  Cardiff  South Glamorgan  Wales
Kilham Memorial Chapel Epworth Lincolnshire   Epworth  Lincolnshire  England
Bethel English Baptist Chapel, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff   Cardiff  South Glamorgan  Wales
Chapel and Schools Burnley   Burnley  Lancashire  England
Nottingham Schools (Architectural Competition)   Nottingham  Nottinghamshire  England
Highland Place Unitarian Church, Graig Isaf Graig Isag  Aberdare  South Glamorgan  England
Two Semi-detached Villas Rawdon near Apperley Bridge Station Rawdon  Leeds  Yorkshire  England
Westgate Congregational Chapel Burnley   Burnley  Lancashire  England
New Buildings in connection with Bridge End Brewery Burnley   Burnley  Lancashire  England
Vestries and Classrooms; Independent Chapel Totnes Devon   Totnes  Devon  England
Baptist Chapel King Street Oldham   Oldham  GMCA  England
Baptist Chapel. Charles Street Leicester   Leicester  Leicestershire  England
Villa at Stonygate near Leicester for Mr Thomas Sargeant Stonygate  Leicester  Leicestershire  England
“Moorside,” Skircoat Green, Halifax Skircoat Green  Halifax  Yorkshire  England
Congregational Chapel and School Walter Road Swansea   Swansea  West Glamorgan  Wales
Model Lodging House Halifax   Halifax  Yorkshire  England
Congregational Church Exchange Street Great Driffield Yorkshire: East Riding   Great Driffield  Yorkshire  England
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Manchester Road Chorlton-cum-Hardy Chorlton-cum-Hardy  Manchester  GMCA  Wales
Independent Chapel Lodge Lane Elswick near Preston E lswick  Preston  Lancashire  England
New Store Rooms at the Salford Union Workhouse Ladywell  Salford  GMCA  England
Terrace of Six Houses,. Rowley Park, Stafford Rowley Park  Stafford  Staffordshire  England
Board Schools Great Driffield East Riding of Yorkshire   Great Driffield  Yorkshire  England
County Junior School Wansford Road Great Driffield Yorkshire: East Riding   Great Driffield  Yorkshire  England
Manchester Southern Cemetery Withington  Manchester  GMCA  England
Southern Cemetery Chapels Lodges etc Withington  Manchester  GMCA  England
Oakfield Baptist Chapel and Schools Ashton Lane Ashton-on-Mersey Ashton-on-Mersey  Trafford  GMCA  England
Congregational Chapel Cleckheaton Yorkshire   Cleckheaton  Yorkshire  England
Methodist School Hanover Street Halifax   Halifax  Yorkshire  England
Competition Design for Schools in Ancoats for Manchester School Board Ancoats  Manchester  GMCA  England
Manchester Gas Works (Architectural Competition)   Manchester  GMCA  England
Devonport Stoke and Stonehouse High School (Architectural Competition)   Devonport  Devon  England
Church of St Matthew, South Street, Ponders End, Enfield Ponders End  Enfield  Greater London  England
Congregational Chapel and Lecture Hall Rother Market Stratford on Avon Rother Market  Stratford on Avon  Warwickshire  England
Darwen Town Hall (Architectural Competition)   Darwen  Lancashire  England
High School for Girls Plymouth   Plymouth  Devon  England
Police Station, Cardiff (Architectural Competition)   Cardiff  South Glamorganshire  Wales
Schools, Caledonia Street and Moody Street, Bradford   Bradford  West Yorkshire  England
Devonport High School for Girls, Albert Road, Devonport Devonport  Plymouth  Devon  England
High School for Girls, North Hill, Plymouth   Plymouth  Devon  England
Bolton Infirmary (Architectural Competition)   Bolton  GMCA  England
Registrar's Residence and Office Southern Cemetery, Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy Chorlton-cum-Hardy  Manchester  GMCA  England
Church of England Chapel, Southern Cemetery, Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy Chorlton-cum-Hardy  Manchester  GMCA  England


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Paull and Ayliffe Architectural practice 1861 1866 Burnley Manchester
Paull and Bikerdike Architectural practice 1873 1875 Manchester London
Paull and Bonella Architectural practice 1879 1888 London
Paull and Robinson Architectural practice 1860 1862 Cardiff
Paull and (Metz) Robinson Architectural practice 1867 1872 Manchester
Bonella and Paull Architectural practice 1887 1888 London
Paull and Sutton Joint architects 1858 1859 Nottingham and Cardiff