Building Name

Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel. Pendleton

1862 - 1863
Pendleton, Salford
GMCA, England
New build
Metcalf and Watson

LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF BETHESDA CHAPEL, PENDLETON – On Saturday the foundation stone of Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel was laid by Mr F Whittaker of Hurst. The site is that on which stood the old chapel, erected in 1806, and which has been taken down for the purpose of erecting a more commodious and ornamental edifice. The new building will be in the Grecian style of architecture, with Renaissance in the details, and the side vestries will have projecting porticos. These side porticos are a novelty in chapel building. They are to be supported by fluted columns, with carved Corinthian capitals, and will have a very pleasing effect. The front elevation, to Broad Street, will be 50 feet. Here there will be a portico with a projection of five feet, presenting details similar to those on the sides, and surmounted by an enriched entablature and balustrade. The pediment will also be enriched with carved work. The tracery of the doors and windows will be of ornamental ironwork. The dimensions of the interior will be 78 feet by 48 feet, with an elevation of 37 feet. The arrangements of the seats will be on a novel plan – segmental in form, and radiating from the pulpit as a centre. There will be a circular gallery all round the building, and the organ and choir will be located over the front entrance. Ventilation will be secured by a series of iron panels inserted in the cove of the ceiling, through which the impure air will escape, whist a continual and abundant supply of fresh air will be conveyed through tubes and admitted through perforated ironwork in the window seats. Thus the process of ventilation will be thorough and uninterrupted. The chapel will be erected by Messrs Metcalfe and Waterson of Strangeways, Manchester from the plans of Mr R Scrivener, architect, of Hanley, Staffordshire. It will seat 780 persons, and the estimated cost is £2,000. [Manchester Guardian 14 July 1862 page 2]

PENDLETON.—A new chapel for the Methodist New Connection of Pendleton has just been opened. The style is Italian; the material, red bricks, with Hollington dressings and Yorkshire parpoints.  In the front is a portico of Hollington stone raised four feet from the road level upon a landing inlaid with encaustic tiles, approached by solid York steps; the capitals of the columns being Corinthian in outline, with natural foliage tastefully varied, supporting an entablature with enriched cornice and balustrade, with pedestals and vases. Above this are two double windows with circular heads and key-stones £ by carved brackets; the spandrels being filled in with ornamented cast-iron on glass. There are also single windows on each side, with key-stones and scrolls; a stone cornice, with carved cantilevers and panels run round the building, rising into a pediment in front, with carved acroteria. There are also at each corner pedestals with obelisk finials; in the tympanum of the pediment is a shield supported by handsome carved scroll work, on which is inscribed the name and date. On each side are vestries projecting six or seven feet, in the same style as the portico. The total cost has been £2,500. The chapel has been erected from designs by Mr Scrivener, Hanley, and executed by Messrs. Metcalf and Waterson, Manchester.  [Building News 20 March 1863 page 224]

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