Building Name

Board Schools Great Driffield East Riding of Yorkshire

1872 - 1873
Great Driffield
Yorkshire, England
New Build
Hewson Brothers

GREAT DRIFFIELD - Mr H J Paull of Manchester, has been appointed architect to the School Board, Great Driffield, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, where a block of school buildings is to be erected forthwith for 700 children. The same gentleman holds the appointment of architect to the Hope School Board, near Wrexham, and plans are passed and tendered for to accommodate 600 children in two blocks of buildings - namely, for 250 at Frith, and 350 at Hope. [Building News 19 April 1872 page 324]

DRIFFlELD - For the erection of the Driffield Board Schools. Mr H J Paull, architect, Manchester. Quantities supplied:  Brethirick, Gage, & Co £5396; Shepherdson   £4795; Brown £4695; Foster & Son £4645; Dickenson £5625; Berry £4580 Hewson Brothers (accepted) £4566 [Building News 15 November 1872 page 396 – tenders]

DRIFFIELD - The foundation stone of the School Board new schools has been laid by the chairman of the board in the presence of a large company. The site is immediately at the outskirts of the town. The school will accommodate 250 boys, 250 girls and 200 infants, with master’s residence. The buildings are in the Lombardic style with brick facings relieved by arches and bands of red stock bricks, with slated roofs, and the floors are composed of upright blocks of larch, set endwise. Mr H J Paull of Manchester is the architect and Messrs Hewson Brothers, Driffield, the contractors for the work at the sum of £4,566 6s 6d.

Report of difficulties with the contractor’s progress. The contractor had also laid fir and not the larch blocks specified. [Builder 27 December 1873 Page 1035]

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