Building Name

Church of St. John, Cowhill, Lancashire

1843 - 1845
GMCA, England
New build

NEW CHURCHES AT OLDHAM —On Thursday, the first stone of a new church to be erected at the western extremity of the town of Oldham, namely, St. John's, Coppice Nook, was laid, and operations for its erection immediately commenced. The site of this church, and also for schools, is a most eligible plot of land, presented free of charge, by Kay Clegg, Esq., of Oldham, and situated opposite Werneth Mill, within short distance from the populous village of Cowhill. The edifice will be neat and spacious, from designs of Mr. E. Shellard, architect, of Manchester, and to be decorated by a spire, which, from the commanding situation of the spot, will appear to great advantage from the country beneath. The total cost will be about £3000. [Manchester Courier 23 March 1844 page 6]

Reference    Manchester Courier 10 February 1844 page 5
Reference    Manchester Courier 23 March 1844 page 6
Reference    Manchester Guardian 23 March 1844 page 6 - foundation

ICBS 03254 New Church Grant: Approved
Reference    Minutes: Volume 11 page 326, Volume 12 pages 8,220
Drawings     Ground plan (after work); Gallery (after work)