Building Name

County Asylum : Barnwood Mill Estate Gloucester (Architectural Competition)

Gloucestershire, England
Committee of Visitors of the County Lunatic Asylum
New Build
4th premium

Variously owned by local lords of the manor, the church and Victorian gentlemen, Barnwood Mill Estate had been farmland until 1877, when the Committee of Visitors of the County Lunatic Asylum bought it as the site for a second County Asylum. After running a competition for designs for the new asylum, it was officially opened in 1883. In 1995 the hospital was closed and the majority of the buildings were demolished leaving only the clock tower building.William Dawes was place fourth in the competition

Mr William Dawes of this city read a paper on Hospitals for the Insane before the London Architectural Association yesterday week. He dealt with the right mode of planning these institutions with a view to the health of the inmates, cost of construction and maintenance and efficiency of administration. [Manchester City News 6 March 1880 Page 5 Column 2]

Reference: Manchester Faces and Places
Reference: Manchester City News 6 March 1880 page 5 col 2