Building Name

Little Theatre: Middlesbrough

Teesside, England
New Build

The Middlesbrough Little Theatre,  founded in 1930, but has been existing since then in a converted church hall. The site of the new building is in the well wooded grounds of a large house in The Avenue, which serves as the theatre's headquarters. It has been designed for the production of the society's own plays as well as performances by professional companies (including Arts Council and Shakespearean productions) and intimate opera and ballet, and to serve on occasion for musical recitals, lectures and the showing of films not available at the commercial cinemas. Requirements included as large a stage as possible and an auditorium seating 500, with circle. The entrance foyer and bar are under the circle. The entrance is reached from a drive-in forecourt, with car parks on one side. The box office is in the entrance lobby. The bar, on the side opposite the foyer, overlooks The Avenue through a glazed wall 50 ft. long and 12 ft. high, designed to dominate the exterior especially when lighted from within at night. The auditorium has a sloping floor and the circle is stepped. The dressing rooms, on three levels, are fitted in behind the splayed walls of the auditorium, The stage is equipped with travelling trolleys for fixed sets, thereby avoiding the need for a costly fly tower.

Reference           Architectural Review January 1956. Page 18-21