Building Name

Police Station, Cardiff (Architectural Competition)

South Glamorganshire, Wales
Cardiff Corporation
Architectural competition
Second premium

3, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, 27th June, 1859.

Gentlemen - I beg to submit a few remarks for your consideration with reference to the motion of which notice was given at your last meeting for certain alterations to be made to the proposed design for the new police station.  I address you in the twofold capacity of a competitor and a ratepayer. My design was marked LEX, and the issue of the votes as recorded by your honourable corporation placed it second in the order of merit—the first position being assigned to the design marked FAITH. Certain amendments are contemplated in the latter design, if it should be carried into execution; and as the subject will come before your notice to-morrow, I take the opportunity of stating a few particulars, which, in justice to myself and the public, I feel bound to lay before you. The designs deposited for the proposed police station were professedly prepared upon the basis of certain instructions furnished to each competitor by the town clerk. The design marked FAITH did not fully comply with these instructions in several important respects, and was, moreover, seriously defective in its arrangements. I am aware that the haste in which competition drawings are prepared does not admit of the careful study necessary for contract drawings; but this cannot be received as an apology for positive errors and defects. During the time the several plans were exhibited for public inspection, I carefully noted the features of all the designs, and my examination of that marked FAITH led me to suppose that the plan, if not the elevation, would insure its rejection. The space for fire engines is not sufficient for two, as the instructions call for, and very little in excess for one. The stable for two horses is 12 ft. by 11 ft. only, instead of 16 ft. by 11 ft.  …. Cardiff Times 13 August 1859]

Reference    Information from Ian Foster by e-mail October 2019
Reference    Cardiff Times 13 August 1859 – letter from H J Paull