Building Name

Roman Catholic Home for Female Penitents. Victoria Park Manchester

Victoria Park, Manchester
GMCA, England
New Build
Healy of Salford

MANCHESTER - On Saturday afternoon a new (Roman) Catholic Home for Female Penitents was opened in Victoria Park by the Mayor of Manchester. The building, when fully completed, will accommodate 200 (?) inmates, but as yet accommodation has been provided for half that number. It is of domestic Gothic design and includes a chapel and a nunnery, besides the other necessary premises. The cost, without the furniture, will amount to £600. The architect is Mr W Nicholson of Manchester, and Mr Healy of Salford is the builder.[Building News 28 July 1871 Page 79]

Report of Rusholme local board suggests that the convent opened about June 1871
1877        RC Convent of the Good Shepherd Ashford Place/Clarence Road, Victoria Park
1879        New Home for Penitents (Sisters of the Good Shepherd) Victoria Park

Reference    Building News 28 July 1871 Page 79
Reference    The Builder 1871: Page 612.