Building Name

School Clarkesfield Road Oldham ( Architectural Competition)

Clarkesfield Road
GMCA, England
Oldham Education Committee
Architectural Competition
First premium

Limited competition for local architects only
Assessor    Edward R Robson FSA
1st Premium    Harold Cheetham
2nd Premium    Arthur Turner
3rd premium    Charles T Taylor
Reference    Building News 29 July 1904 Page 145
Reference    British Architect 5 August 1904 Page 96

OLDHAM - At Oldham the moribund school board had held a competition for a new school on the Clarkesfield road site. Not being satisfied with the result, they left the matter over to be dealt with by the new authority. The education committee of the corporation have now held a fresh competition, consisting of local architects only. With the aid of Mr. Edward R. Robson, F.S.A., as assessor, they have awarded the first position to Mr Harold Cheetham, the second to Mr Arthur Turner, and the third to Mr Charles T. Taylor. The last named won his position principally from superiority of architecture and skill of draughtsmanship. [Building News 29 July 1904 page 145]