Architects Results

Name Designation Born Location Died
Courtis George Haywood George Haywood Architect and surveyor  1819  Manchester  1886 
Cowburn Gerald Gerald Architect  1884  Manchester   
Crace John Gregory John Gregory interior decorator  1809  London  1889 
Cressey Charles Charles architect  1876  Morecambe, California  1966 
Cresswell John John architect and civil engineer  1830  Manchester and Newcastle   
Crewe Bertie Bertie architect  1864  London  1937 
Crickett George A George A architect  1856  Manchester   
Cromie Robert Robert architect  1887  London   
Crompton William Edward Vernon William Edward Vernon architect  1867  Wigan and London  1937 
Crook Richard Hermon Richard Hermon architect  1884  Bolton  1969 
Crossland James James architect  1876  Lancaster   
Crossland William Henry William Henry architect  1835  Huddersfield and London  1908 
Crowcroft Samuel Samuel surveyor  1840  Manchester  1906 
Crowther Joseph Stretch Joseph Stretch architect  1820  Manchester  1893 
Cruikshank Herbert William Herbert William architect  1886  Manchester  1935 
Crush Charles William Charles William architect  1871  Manchester  1937 
Cubbitt James James architect  1836  London  1912 
Cubbon John John architect  1873  Manchester   
Cubbon Thomas William Thomas William architect  1860  Birkenhead   
Caminesky Peter Peter Architect  1879  Manchester  1957 
Cummings Peter Peter architect  1879  Manchester  1957 
Cunliffe George George Architect  1839  Bolton  1887 
Cunliffe Thomas Hethorn Thomas Hethorn architect  1871  Manchester  1915 
Curran Robert Robert architect  1842  Warrington   
Currey Henry Henry architect  1820  Buxton and London  1900